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who we are

Demand First-Rate Best Services

ExinTECH provides reliable and secured website/mail maintenance for domestic and corporate clients like yours.
inclusive in our highly reliable services, we provide 24 hour technical phone support which is to a large extent free.

Website Design

One of our major areas of practice is Website design

IT Consultancy/Projects

Planning and scheduling are highly important for your business.

Gate Automation

We provide security for your establishment.

Computer/Networks & IT Support

We provide professional support to all our clients and partners.
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who we are

Creative Design & Development

At Exin Technologies (ExinTECH), our aim is to bring technical satisfaction to our cherished clients. ExinTECH has turned into a real game changer for many businesses in solving their most urgent needs in IT. We have been meeting the needs of customers from all the business aspects. We are constantly working to add value to our client’s investment in Information Technology And Software Support.

We listen and cater for your needs and will therefore present the most optimal solution of hardware, software and services.

Our Process

Well Planned, Efficiently Executed And Dependably Evaluated.


Our mission is to provide efficient and quality services to our clients.

We plan projects with you and ensure a clear understanding of your needs. The next step is to execute the task and finally evaluate it in a dependable manner.

01. Planning

We listen to your needs and design a solution together with you.

02. Execution

We put the plan into action. Wire frame, Coding, Deployment, Integration, etc.

03. Launching and Maintenance

Quality assurance, Testing, Approval, Launch, Sign-off and Maintenance.

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By signing up for one of the plans we offer you allow us to select the best strategy for your specific project and business.


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Perfect for developers
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